Our philosophy is simple. Skincare is embedded in a person’s lifestyle.


In fact, it is as important as taking care of someone’s health, food, physical appearance.
As opposed to the general thinking where being beautiful or pretty has been largely associated with the use of cosmetics, at Beroïa , we believe that the beauty of a skin is determined by its health.
Based on ethno botany and scientific research, ingredients were carefully selected for their skin compatibility and rejuvenating properties along with their high natural potency ensuring an optimal absorption. Each blend has its specific properties to meet man and women skincare’s needs.

Our patented all organic plant preservatives allowed us to avoid irritating and health problematic chemicals usually found in current commercialized products.
This catalog presents our key products. Formulated, manufactured and packaged entirely in Canada. Our labs procedures are guided by GMP (Good manufacturing practices) and meet ECOCERT standards.

All products are registered with Health Canada. The bacteriology testing safety is performed by a third party ISO 17025 Laboratory before leaving our premises.

Our products are natural and have unique specifications


• High absorption properties

• Skin compatible

• Non-occlusive

• No fillers, no oily residues

• Hypoallergenic

• Patented all organic plant preservative (free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers = no heavy metals content)

• Natural scents and color

• Free from : petrolateum-phthalates-chemicals-synthetics-heavy metals-paraben

• Superior quality, superior formulations,

• All creams are 96.7% made of organic pure natural extracts.

• No animal testing-cruelty free